She whose hands could create

more pleasure than the tightest of holes or the deepest of throats. Those hands that make men tremble. 

Where? You can come to my apartment in El Campanario- one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Queretaro. No outcalls available.

When? You can book your appointment between 10 am and 8 30 pm. 

Massage Experience

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Hybrid Massage 60 min $150 USD or $2,400 MXN

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Important Information 

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About Me

Hi. My name is Paola Ferran. I am 30 years old. I am a chef. However, life sent me on a path to learn erotic sensual massage. The most important thing for me is to create an extraordinary experience from the moment you book your appointment. Discretion is one of my core values. I will never contact you unless you start communication first. You will look for me when you need me. Outside of my walls, I do not know you. I only do incalls.

Massage Description

...Your cock and balls are burning...

At the beginning of our session, I use medium pressure to work on your muscles: back, arms, buttocks, legs, chest, shoulders and feet. I will slowly take you to the edge.

Soon, you begin to moan like never before. Mis hands are touching your cock and balls in ways you would have never imagined. What is happening? You might ask yourself. You are oozing a lot of precum. Your senses are so heightened one finger across your chest feels like sparks of electricity.

You will feel your cum begging to be released. You know you want to be milked. You are about to unload, but I take a step back and I continue to show you my repertoire of techniques. Your cock and balls are burning. You had never felt a desire so strong, so animal, so primeval. A part of you wants so hard to bust your load yet another one is still hungry for more sensations. With my hands I will make you feel more pleasure than the tightest of holes or the deepest of throats. Your heart is beating faster and faster, and when the music stops, your cock twitches for a last time until you burst spurt after spurt. You sigh and feel like if you were floating in the air, completely free.

No Sex Policy

In the massage there is not any type of sex neither oral, vaginal nor anal. I give the massage wearing lingerie and my venetian mask. I am never nude. Your role in the massage is passive. Please refrain from touching me.

Payment Methods

I accept cash, debit & credit cards. If you pay with your card, the charge appears to you in your bank statement as a marketing consulting fee from EG Marketing.

Shower after session

After your massage you may shower. I will give you a fresh towel, a new soap, a sponge and disposable sandals. Furthermore, I use disposable sheets and face pads for the massage.

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